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The Nurtured Heart Approach® has been shown to be applicable across many disciplines: psychologists, social workers, counselor, other treatment professionals, educators, and parents alike, as well as greatly successful for with almost any symptoms related to behavior: opposition, defiance, ADHD, ADD, anxiety, depression, and children on the Autism Spectrum.

And maybe the best news of all: because this approach was designed for the toughest kids it works like a charm with the average child.

Most approaches designed to improve communication, manage behavior or teach social skills target specific realms of problematic actions that children are manifesting. This approach shifts the target away from problems and into greatness. It inspires challenging children to use their intensity in great ways, while awakening all children to the greatness of who they really are, helping them to take charge in leading passionate and purposeful lives.

The Nurtured Heart Approach® is more than a set of strategies; it is a philosophy and practice of creating healthy relationships. It reveals exactly what makes relationships flourish and thrive and what makes them go awry, developing awareness and understanding that improve the gamut of the ways we interact with others…and ourselves.